Independent software vendors and consultancies
When rapid time to market is competitive survival, and code quality is essential to minimizing maintenance and end user support – CodeGear has had developer’s back for over 20 years with solutions like Delphi for building fast, native Windows and .NET applications, and JBuilder for builder robust Java applications.

OEM – Embedded applications
Quick name a device that doesn’t have software embedded in it … Thought so. You’ll find software built using CodeGear IDEs like C++Builder and databases like InterBase and Blackfish SQL in everything from medical equipment, to scientific instruments and communications gear.

Enterprise application development teams
Team software development is a beast unto itself. Added to the usual complexities of software development are issues of team member mobility and collaboration. CodeGear solutions like the JGear Team plug-in for Eclipse, and best practices such as Software Archeology make team development easier.

Web applications for home and enterprise
Whether it’s accessing corporate databases or downloading music and interacting with friends, more developers are discovering they can meet their client’s requirements with lean, efficient Web applications. Delphi for PHP and 3rdRail (Ruby on Rails) are complete IDEs for today’s Web developers.

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