New! InterBase SMP 2009   The powerful database for embedded and enterprise applications
  • New! Security and Encryption features
  • Built-in SMP for greater scalability; supports Dual/Quad-core and additional CPUs
  • High performance durable database solution
  • Powerful, high availability database for embedded and enterprise applications

The highly scalable, powerful, embeddable database

InterBase SMP combines performance benefits of a multi-generational architecture with peace of mind of log-based journaling and disaster recovery. Easy installation, small footprint, automatic crash recovery, self-tuning, Unicode, built-in SMP support, SQL 92 compliance, and near zero maintenance makes InterBase SMP the ideal database for embedded and business-critical small-to-medium enterprise server applications.

New in InterBase SMP 2009

    Database and column level encryption

    InterBase now supports the use of either weak (DES) or strong (AES) encryption to encrypt a database and/or individual columns in a database table, providing ultimate security for data and communications between servers and clients.

    Over-the-Wire (OTW) network encryption

    Typically, data encrypted at the database- or column-level is not encrypted during the transmission process. OTW encryption, however, allows you to do just that: encrypt data as it is communicated over a network from a client to a server. If you use OTW encryption, you must encrypt network transmissions with the same strength as was used to encrypt the database or columns. You can use weak or strong encryption, though to use strong (AES) encryption, you must obtain an optional strong encryption license, available at no additional charge.

    Encryption of backup files

    If you encrypt a database and/or any of its columns, you must also encrypt the backup files for that database. You decrypt the backup files during the restore process. This adds an additional layer of protection to your data.

    InterBase SMP 2009 To-Go Edition

    The new InterBase To-Go Edition is a small, portable version of the Desktop Edition. Target applications for the To-Go Edition include small devices and public kiosks, as well as Value Added Reseller (VAR) applications that were built using InterBase. Used in the To-Go edition form, InterBase does not have to be separately installed on any server or end-user workstation.

InterBase SMP 2009 Editions

    Server Edition
    InterBase SMP 2009 Server Edition features a scalable, portable, cross-platform database, ideal for mission critical enterprise or embedded applications.

    InterBase SMP 2009 Server Edition delivers high performance for applications with complex business logic and high concurrent user levels through its symmetric multiple processing support and multi-threaded architecture. Built-in SMP allows enterprises greater scalability with support for Dual/Quad-core and additional CPUs built-in, no additional licensing required. Fast, easy installation, a small footprint, automatic crash recovery, self-tuning, and near zero maintenance make InterBase SMP the ideal solution for embedded, turn-key applications. SQL 92 compliance, advanced data reliability and recovery, Unicode, numerous connectivity options, and support for Windows®, Linux, Solaris™, and Mac OS® X make InterBase SMP perfect for high-powered, cost-effective business-critical server applications in small-to-medium enterprises.

    Desktop Edition
    InterBase SMP 2009 Desktop Edition for Windows is a powerful, cost effective deployment solution for standalone applications.

    Through its integration with RAD Studio, Delphi®, C++Builder®, 3rdRail, and JBuilder® development tools, InterBase Desktop Edition enables the rapid development of sophisticated business applications. With a small operational footprint, capabilities for automatic crash recovery and incremental backup, InterBase SMP Desktop Edition is an ideal embedded database for broad, cost-effective deployments that lack IT support and administration resources.

    To-Go Edition
    The new InterBase SMP To-Go Edition is a completely embeddable, full-featured, zero administration database that enables ISVs and OEMs to bring their applications and solutions to market faster. The To-Go Edition allows deployment of applications that utilize the InterBase engine DLLs. No separate database server process is running; the database engine is executing in the application process space. InterBase To-Go provides the benefits of InterBase in an extremely small footprint. Available October,2008

    Developer Edition
    InterBase SMP 2009 Developer Edition provides all developers the best cross-platform database to build and test database applications for embedded and SME segments. Developers are free to choose the standard connectivity they want, and make use of a mature SQL92 compliant database for their applications. Database performance monitoring allows the developer to streamline applications for optimal deployment.

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