Delphi Prism    New Delphi development solution for .NET and Mono
  • Delphi Prism programming language for .NET and Mono 
  • Take advantage of the latest and greatest .NET technologies including WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and LINQ
  • Use your existing Delphi programming skills to build .NET applications
  • Easily connect with all your data across multiple sources and tiers
  • Powered by RemObjects Oxygene compiler technology

The fast way to build applications on .NET for Windows, Linux and Mac

Delphi Prism is the new .NET development solution from Embarcadero Technologies. In this Visual Studio based solution you’ll be able to use your existing Delphi programming skills to build .NET applications, taking advantage of the latest and greatest .NET technologies such as WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and LINQ. You will of course also be able to develop database applications using familiar dbExpress functionality and .NET clients that connect to native DataSnap servers.

Key Delphi Prism features include:

  • Complete solution for .NET development
  • Powerful full featured Delphi Prism development language
  • dbExpress framework for building database applications
  • Supports development for the Mono platform 
  • DataSnap client creation
  • Blackfish SQL database with included deployment license

Delphi Prism Editions

Delphi Prism is available in two editions - Professional and Enterprise

Delphi Prism Professional
Delphi Prism Professional includes a complete development environment with dbExpress local database connectivity. Delphi Prism Professional features include:

  • Delphi Prism Object Pascal programming language and compiler
  • Microsoft Visual Studio based IDE
  • dbExpress local database connectivity to InterBase® and Blackfish SQL
  • Blackfish SQL deployment on systems with 1 user, 512MB database size

Delphi Prism Enterprise
Delphi Prism Enterprise edition includes everything in the Professional edition, plus the following for building client/server and multi-tier database and web applications:

  • Database server connectivity to InterBase and Blackfish SQL
  • Build DataSnap .NET clients that connect to native Windows DataSnap multi-tier database application servers 
  • Blackfish SQL deployment on systems with 5 users, 2GB database size

For more detailed differences between the editions, see the Datasheet or Feature Matrix.

Delphi Prism is also available as part of CodeGear RAD Studio 2009, including RAD Studio Architect with the database modeling and design capabilities of ER/Studio.

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