Delphi/400 and Delphi/400 for PHP   
  • Rapidly build Web, AJAX, PHP and Windows interfaces visually using drag-and-drop components with little or no coding required
  • Develop System i database applications visually and connect to all your enterprise data
  • Execute SQL requests and display the results in a grid without any need to write a line of code
  • Use all the System i services including DataAreas and Data-Queues
  • Call existing programs coded in RPG, COBOL, ILE or CLP
  • Use all the OS/400 (i5/OS) system commands
  • Work with any OS/400 or i5/OS version

Delphi/400 for Windows

Delphi/400 is the smart and efficient way to modernize your System i applications, so you can reduce end-users’ learning curve and make them more productive with fewer errors. Use VCL for the Web in Delphi/400 to build interactive AJAX-enabled Web interfaces to your System i data and programs in record time and with minimal coding. Delphi/400 Enterprise provides a proven visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach for accelerated development of both native Windows and web applications with support for Windows Vista and powerful database connectivity to all your corporate data on your System i, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and other leading databases. Delphi/400 also gives you full access to the databases, services and programs of your System i with a set of visual components so you can build applications that are faster to develop and easier to maintain. Delphi/400 2007 for Windows combines Delphi 2007 for Win32 and ClientObjects middleware to provide a complete application modernization solution.

Delphi/400 for PHP

Delphi/400 for PHP is a completely new approach to developing PHP applications for your System i using visual components in place of hand writing lines of code. Delphi/400 for PHP is the first completely integrated visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for PHP. Delphi’s proven and familiar visual development approach means your team is quickly up to speed and productive. In addition, Delphi/400 for PHP gives you a full access to the databases, services and programs of your System i using visual components, enabling you to build modern web interfaces to your AS/400 and System i applications. Delphi/400 for PHP 2.0 combines Delphi for PHP 2.0 and the Delphi/400 ClientObjects middleware that has been fully tested and used for more than 10 years by thousands of developers worldwide.

Delphi/400 Editions

Choose between Delphi/400 Enterprise and Delphi/400 Professional

  Enterprise Professional
Database access Access to System i plus local and remote connectivity to Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, Blackfish SQL and MySQL Access to System i plus local-only access to InterBase, Blackfish SQL and MySQL
Web development with VCL for the Web with AJAX No connection limit Up to 5 connections
UML Modeling Additional diagram types, design Patterns support, XMI 1.1 Import/Export, documentation generation, audits and metrics Basic UML modeling

How to choose between Delphi/400 for Windows and Delphi/400 for PHP

  Windows PHP
Programming Language Delphi PHP
Type of apps Native Windows and Web PHP Web
Database Access Native Windows drivers ADOdb
IDE functionality Editor Debugger
Visual designers
Component library
Refactoring Unit Testing
UML Modeling
Visual designer
Component library

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